You can be our existing or prospective customer, our developer, an individual or a company ... doesn't matter!!

If you bring business to us, we treat you as our partner and reward you accordingly. 


Option 1 - Resell our Services in our (BizYantra) Name.

Simply refer a Customer to us, and earn referral Commission. This Referral Commission can be upto 12%-15% of the order value, depending upon the type and value of the order. What you have to do is simply have the person who contact us give you name while placing an order with us. Once we get the payments, we give Service Credit / Discount equal to the commission value you have earned.


Option 2 - Resell our Services in Your Name - We will rename ANONYMOUS

You can resell any of our packages or services to your clients in your name, we will remain completely anonymous to your client.

We won't put our copyright claim or "Developed by" links on the website designed by us for your client.

We don't charge anything extra for putting your link on the website we developed for your client, or for removing our link from the pages.

We will never contact the end user directly, before you concern. If in case its needed to talk with the end user, you will be informed about it. In most of the case we don't interact directly.

We don't mind if you charge any amount from your clients. Nor do we need to know what you have charged from your end client. Its completely on you to decide the end user pricing. You just have to pay us the prices listed on website or what every is decided in between you and our company.

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