Consumers of big merchant spend considerable time on their website ... How about consumers of SMB?

Although this is nothing new to know of, but a recent survey confirmed that US consumers spend a considerable time on merchant's website, apart from spending their online time on other resources like social, news, search sites etc.


While U.S. consumers on average spent most of their Internet-browsing time in July on Facebook, most of them also at some point that month visited the web site of a mass merchant retailer, according to market research firm The Nielsen Co. In all, U.S. consumers who visited the e-commerce sites of mass merchants on average spent 52 minutes over the course of nine site visits in July, it says. Inc. had the most-visited e-commerce site in terms of both unique visitors (78.5 million) and total time spent on the site on average per visitor (33:52). Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s e-commerce site was No. 2 in terms of unique visitors (36.9 million) while handmade goods e-marketplace Etsy Inc.’s site was No. 2 in terms of total visit time per person on average (19:59), Nielsen says.



We can definitely look at the numbers for big retailers as they are out open in public, but what about small and mid size retailers?


The same principle is true for them too (their consumers spend considerable time on their website, although they may not have one or they may have a poorly designed one or they may have one without ecommerce engine.)


According to the research firm, the 10 most-visited online mass merchants in July, with their number of unique visitors and total visit time per person on average, are: Amazon, 78.5 million, 33:52 Wal-Mart, 36.9 million, 14:38 Target Corp., 21.2 million, 10:19 Etsy, 11.8 million, 19:59 Liberty Interactive Corp. (parent company of such web retailers as home shopping network QVC, and, 10.0 million, 8:11 Staples Inc., 9.0 million, 11:15 Inc., 8.1 million, 7:29 Inc., 8.0 million, 8:53, 8.0 million, 6:02 Costco Wholesale Corp., 7.3 million, 7:18



We need to get all those small and mid size businesses establish their ecommerce channel - and that is the mission of BizYantra Technologies.


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