Are you ready to cash in the action for coming holiday season?

Internet Retailer has published the holiday forecast for 2013 and the picture is rosy and green!

Ecommerce is certainly enjoying all the attention, while the traditional brick and mortar shops are struggling to gain or even sustain business - which is sad in a way, but that's called evolution!

The only other thing that saddens us more is that - (as we look around us) - we can see thousands of small and mid size retailers who are sitting on sidelines and not really sure how to enter this ecommerce business.

On one hand we have the big US retailers who are completely ready to cash in all the ecommerce action, but on other hand we have thousand of SMBs who will be completely left off.



Let's hope that in coming years we will be able to help couple of those businesses to cash in all the ecommerce action.


Online holiday forecast: sales will increase 15.1%
U.S. web shoppers will spend $61.8 billion in November and December, eMarketer predicts. Mobile commerce will account for a larger share of that spending, with more holiday shopping on tablets than smartphones.
E-commerce spending in the United States will increase about 15.1% year over year in November and December—prime holiday shopping time—says eMarketer in a projection released today. Spending during those two months will total $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion in 2012.
During the entire fourth quarter of 2013, U.S. online shoppers will spend $83.2 billion, up 15.5% over the same period last year, the research firm says. eMarketer says it crafts its projections from some 60 sources that include U.S. Department of Commerce figures, estimates from other research companies, reported revenue from major online retailers and interviews with e-commerce vendors and e-retail executives.

You can read the complete story here.

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